The Children's University is an innovative and dynamic project that raises children's self-esteem, achievements and learning aspirations through the delivery of out of school hours literacy focused programmes.

The Children's University uses modules related to sport, music, theatre, photography, drama, television, radio, opera and many others to stimulate children and encourage them to love learning.

Around 1000 pupils per term volunteer for 'out of hours' sessions in order to maximise their learning potential and volunteer mentors from all walks of life support the children. Training is offered to mentors from the very basic levels, leading up to degree level.

If you are a School, a College teaching or a Private Group and looking for experienced teachers to help further your students' interests and skill levels then look no further. Contact us now for a realistic tuition package to suit your needs.

Teaching beginners is one particular area of expertise. Primary, Secondary, College, University and Special Interest Groups are all catered for.

Learning a new skill can be great fun and open the door to a fantastic drama teaching job london career opportunity for anyone who really wants to succeed in the music industry.

It depends on your salary and your residential status. Obviously a lender will only lend you money that they think you'll be able to afford. The good news is that as a teacher you earn a higher wage than the national average, and your job security is relatively good.